5 Reasons People Feel Shoulder Pain

5 Reasons People Feel Shoulder Pain

Millions of Americans go to the doctor each year for shoulder pain, and the numbers go beyond that when you consider those who don’t seek care. Let’s look at the typical causes of major shoulder problems, such as dislocated & frozen shoulder.

The true numbers on shoulder pain

Each year about 7.5 million of us get professionally treated for shoulder pain and problems in our upper arms – and that doesn’t even include those who are unable to go to the doctor. A Gallup poll from 2013 found that 3 out of every 10 Americans forgo medical care for financial reasons. Assuming the same percentage of those who don’t get to the doctor experience shoulder pain, the actual number of those suffering is 10.7 million (although those numbers precede the Affordable Care Act).

According to the US and World Population Clock, there were a grand total of 322,068,110 people living in the United States at the time of this writing on October 31, 2015. That means the total population of people with shoulder pain is 3.3% of Americans, with 2.3% of those people seeking treatment from healthcare professionals.

Osteoarthritis causes

Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease “tends to be linked to long-term wear on the joints,” says Jodi Helmer of the AARP. “[T]raumatic injuries that damage the cartilage can also be linked to this condition.” Plus, aging and genetics are contributing factors.

Rotator cuff tendon damage causes

The rotator cuff can become injured from repetitive strain or direct impact. However, it most frequently arises from everyday wear-and-tear. In fact, half of 50-year-olds show signs of rotator cuff deterioration on MRI scans, according to Mayo Clinic rehabilitation specialist Edward Laskowski, MD.

Bursitis causes

Like damage to the rotator cuff, bursitis is often a repetitive use injury, notes Helmer. Typical activities that can lead to bursitis include “repetitive overhead reaching [and] sports such as basketball and swimming.”

Dislocated shoulder causes

The shoulder can only be dislocated during a sudden and jarring accident, as can occur in athletics, while driving, or from a fall.

Frozen shoulder causes

Contributing factors to frozen shoulder included aging (especially in women), underactive or overactive thyroid, and diabetes. Injury can sometimes be a cause too. However, says Laskowski, often the underlying source cannot be identified.

Recovery from shoulder pain

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