Anti-Gravity Rehabilitation Promotes Progress and Hope

Anti-Gravity Rehabilitation Promotes Progress and Hope

One of the biggest challenges to recovery from a sports injury is gravity: the weight of your body can make it difficult to exercise. An FDA-approved solution first used by astronauts and professional athletes, the anti-gravity treadmill is now available for anyone to recover from sports injuries and improve form.

Training, Without the Weight

When you are recovering from a serious injury, working out is an essential component. Although exercise can be challenging physically and emotionally, it’s necessary to build your strength and improve your body’s ability to work in cohesion, regain your range of motion, and get back your quality of life.

One way that physical therapy clinics have learned they can best help athletes keep their training consistent following an injury is through use of a device that was originally developed for astronauts: the anti-gravity treadmill. In the context of NASA, the tool was used to help people acclimate to solid ground again after having spent time in space. However, professional sports teams and leading physical therapy clinics have realized these devices make it easier for anyone to run – helpful for rehabilitation and general training.

“The device supports the patient's body weight on a cushion of air,” notes 3B Scientific.  “It enables a wide variety of patients, previously unable to exercise, to move more freely.”

From Astronauts to Triathletes

Other than pro athletes and astronauts, one group of people who have embraced these exciting new therapeutic systems are triathletes. Basically, the Zero G-Flex anti-gravity treadmill allows these athletes and others to experience what it feels like to run across the lunar surface.

This tool looks largely like an ordinary treadmill. However, when you get into one, you are secured within an airtight capsule at your hips. One you are zipped in, your weight is measured and pressure is introduced that allows you to be raised. The end result is that as much as 80% of weight is removed, effectively making your body feel as if you were only carrying one-fifth of its pounds.

“This reduction in weight causes a subsequent reduction in impact, allowing an injured runner to keep running,” notes Triathlete, “thus preserving his natural gait and muscle firing patterns.”

Within the context of physical therapy, that means you are removing one of the main barriers to fast and effective recovery: the simple factor of the Earth’s gravity.

Recovery For Sports Injuries and Optimizing Your Form

Anti-gravity treadmills are actually used in some contexts to develop optimal running form, which is one reason the US Olympics and most NBA teams have adopted them. Additionally, this device is used by runners and others in need of rehabilitation.

Do you think this approach might be right for you? See how the Zero G-Flex anti-gravity treadmill can help you recover or optimize your training efforts. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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