Considering Hip Replacement Surgery? Know Your Other Options!

Considering Hip Replacement Surgery? Know Your Other Options!

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In the last decade, the number of hip replacement surgeries performed every year has doubled, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Because of this, many people believe that if they suffer from chronic hip pain, surgery is the necessary solution.

While there are certain instances when a hip replacement is unavoidable, there are a number of things you can do to help avoid the risks of replacement surgery.

Preventing Hip Pain from Worsening

If you’re just beginning to experience hip pain, there are several things you can do to keep it from worsening to a point of needing surgery.

Here are a few key changes to make to help with your pain:

1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

The effect of excess weight on your hip joints is so strong that current studies are seriously evaluating the use of weight loss and exercise plans as a method for delaying hip replacement surgery due to arthritis. “We see more hip pain with obesity,” says Anne Wolf, RD, MS, a dietician and researcher at the University of Virginia. “The hip is a weight-bearing joint: The more weight we carry, the more wear and tear the hip feels.”

However, if you are carrying excess weight, increasing activity may be too difficult and painful for your joints. This is where anti-gravity technology, such as the Zero G-Flex treadmill, can help. Exploring the option of getting to a healthy point through the use of anti-gravity technology can help remove hip pain as your limiting factor to better help, and it can help you improve your mobility and function.

2. Move More

Regular exercise helps to strengthen your core muscles, which are the muscles around your abdomen, hips, and back. A strong core helps to improve your posture, which also supports spinal alignment and properly distributes your weight over the hip joints. This proper distribution prevents uneven wear from imbalanced mechanical movement, which helps prevent further damage to your hips. It is important to vary the types of exercises you do, so that you can gain strength and flexibility in all of your different muscle groups without overtaxing your joints or contributing to further pain.

3. Consider Conditioning

One extremely effective approach to managing your hip pain and avoiding replacement surgery is actually physical therapy for conditioning your weakened muscles. This improves the imbalances that cause uneven wear on your joints, and prevents further pain. Targeted exercise will develop muscles that support your joints, and stretches will reduce the pull on your joint structures, and keep your muscles pliable. Kineti-Flex® by Flexogenix® offers a personalized and effective physical conditioning program for you to address the specific imbalances and issues facing your joints.

Alternative Treatments for Chronic Hip Pain

If your chronic hip pain due to osteoarthritis is not improving with weight management and physical conditioning, there are several alternative treatments that can be used to delay, or even prevent a hip replacement from being necessary. Technological innovation regularly contributes to advancements in pain management options for hip pain. Gone are the days of a limited, standardized treatment protocol and a one-size-fits-all approach to care.

1. VisCare-Flex® by Flexogenix®

With the VisCare-Flex® protocol, we stop further degradation of the cartilage and then relubricate the joint with a natural lubricant called hyaluronic acid. Each treatment is performed using advanced imaging technology. This allows the medical team to see inside the joint throughout the procedure to ensure the ultimate accuracy and effectiveness.

Unlike surgery, VisCare-Flex® requires no downtime. The entire procedure takes less than an hour. Patients walk out of the clinic the same day, with most patients choosing to drive themselves home.

In the 6-8 months following the VisCare-Flex® procedure, the mobility of the joint should continue to improve. To enhance that improvement, we offer continued support and strengthening through our Kineti-Flex® program. We will work to continually strengthen and realign the joint to improve function and mobility and eliminate the underlying causes of future pain.

To find out if VisCare-Flex® is right for you, we offer a completely free, no-obligation consultation. If your consultation indicates VisCare-Flex® is appropriate, we can often provide treatment the very same day.

During this free consultation we will determine if you are a candidate for our non-surgical treatments. We will create a personalized plan to relieve your pain & improve your lifestyle.

2. Progeni-Flex™ by Flexogenix®

Progeni-Flex™ allows us to determine which type of regenerative technique is best for you and to prepare highly potent advanced orthobiologics. We then inject these materials into the damaged tissue where they can promote an accelerated natural healing process.

What makes Progeni-Flex™ so successful is our ability to harness the most potent and highly concentrated regenerative cells and then deliver them with pinpoint accuracy to the injured area for maximum effectiveness. Many other therapies use highly processed donor stem cells or a less precise method of delivery. This is one of the key differentiators that sets Progeni-Flex™ apart and improves outcomes for our patients.

Progeni-Flex™ can help restore the joint, re-nourish and rebuild new cartilage, increase viscosity and mobility, reduce swelling and reduce or completely eliminate the pain – all without surgery. The results for many patients, including many who were told their only option was joint replacement surgery, have been life changing.

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At Flexogenix, we strive to help our patients achieve and maintain an active and pain-free lifestyle by offering innovative, non-surgical options for musculoskeletal conditions. By providing innovative, comprehensive care, we can provide you with a personalized plan to get you on the road to recovery.

We would love to offer you a no-cost consultation to evaluate your case and decide if our non-surgical solutions are a good fit for you. During this consultation, we will provide you with a personalized treatment plan to relieve your pain and improve your life. Contact us today to schedule your no-cost consultation!

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