The Impact of Hot Weather on Your Joints

by Dr. Sean Whalen | Jul 13, 2020 | Joint Pain | 8 Comments
The Impact of Hot Weather on Your Joints

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Most chronic pain patients report that they can feel changes in their joints along with changes in the weather. Fluctuations in humidity and temperature make the summer an especially difficult season for many of these people.

2 in 3 say weather affects how their joints feel

hot weather jointsMany scientists and doctors believe that changes in barometric pressure lead to greater joint pain. The barometric pressure often drops right before a storm hits, so it’s reasonable to believe that one can roughly predict a hard rain by the way that they feel.

Research findings on this topic are inconclusive, but the majority of joint pain patients agree that there is a connection between their symptoms and what’s going on outside. For a survey published in Pain, two-third of respondents (from Nashville, Boston, San Diego, and Worcester, Massachusetts) said weather patterns impact their joint pain.

Seasonal symptoms: summer joint pain

The summer isn’t always a welcome season for those with pain conditions. People with chronic pain often struggle to maintain healthy regulation when humidity and temperature shift, says Michigan pain management doctor John L. Pappas, MD. “It is also possible that there are changes in the level of fluid that lines and lubricates the joints,” he adds. “If this occurs, it may somehow increase inflammation and pain.”

Preventing joint pain when it’s hot

What are the best ways to prevent pain when the temperature and humidity rise? Here are four tips:

  1. Avoid being outside for extended periods. Stay inside as much as you can during the worst heat of the summer. When you are outside, don’t overdo any strenuous activities, and step inside often so you don’t overheat.

  2. Lower the temperature indoors. You want your home to be both cool and to have low humidity. Use the A/C or at least fans, and also consider purchasing a dehumidifier.

  3. Don’t fast. Pay careful attention that you are getting plenty of food and liquids, especially the latter. Note that it’s particularly important to drink water as opposed to soda or other alternatives.

  4. Wear the right colors and fabrics. Your clothes should be suitable for the summer months. The best way to go is light colors and silk, cotton, or other natural, loose-fitting fabrics.

Expert treatment of your joint condition

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