Start the Year With Clean Eating

by Dr. Sean Whalen | Jan 26, 2016 | Healthy Food | 0 Comments
Start the Year With Clean Eating

Are you interested in getting healthy in 2016? It can help to use the basic concept of clean eating that’s lately become a national trend.

Focusing on health in the new year

Health is a major issue for Americans, and of course one of the most important components of health is eating habits. For instance, obesity has risen from 15% in 1990 to 36% today, according to the Harvard School of Public Health. One idea that can be used on a personal level is clean eating.

Clean eating is a new idea that’s sweeping the country, getting buzz from its popularity among dieticians and celebrities such as Katy Perry. The term is new, but the idea is about going back to the basics – removing the additives and ditching the processing of the modern era.

To eat clean, rather than removing carbs or getting less of certain meats, you focus on only eating ingredients that are natural and in their “whole” state, with all nutrients intact (as is true with whole-grain bread, brown rice, or mashed potatoes that includes the skin). That’s not as simple as we might hope.

Steps to clean eating

Here are a few tips on how to dedicate yourself to clean eating in the new year:

1. Zero in on the strongest motivation.

You want to have a solid foundation to inspire you daily. “Research has shown that the best motivation to inspire change comes from within, and is rooted in positive thinking,” explains Daily Burn. “Cleaning up your diet because someone told you to do it, or because you feel guilty about your current eating habits just isn’t as powerful.”

2. Have a sense of time expenditure.

Don’t start this process and then immediately become overwhelmed by not understanding the time commitment. First, it takes time for your habits to really start to adjust – for your new lifestyle to start to feel natural. Studies show that it can take the better part of a year to make the mental transition. Plus, cooking and grocery shopping may be tedious upfront, so be prepared to approach this project with patience.

3. Identify problem foods and healthy ones.

How are you eating poorly? You may not even realize how often you are eating certain unhealthy items. Start a food diary, writing down everything you consume for a few days. Then target bad foods to remove or reduce, along with good ones to increase: think fresh vegetables.

4. Look at one habit at a time.

Self-help author Leo Babauta, who lost 40 pounds and stopped smoking in the same year, says the key is to specify single habits. “Select one habit…only one habit per month,” he says. “You can choose any habit — whatever you think will have the biggest impact on your life.”

Partnering with a weight-loss team

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