Tips to Decrease Tennis Elbow Pain

Tips to Decrease Tennis Elbow Pain

Simple, natural treatments can be used to mitigate tennis elbow pain and enhance function. Along with DIY treatments, regenerative therapy can help.

How common is tennis elbow?

According to a Journal of Sports Medicine report, tennis elbow (a.k.a. lateral epicondylitis) occurs in 1.3% of people between 30 and 64 years old, with men and women experiencing it in equal proportions. The most at-risk population are those between 45 and 54, particularly those who have a history of tobacco use and/or perform any type of repetitive hand motions.

Tennis does not have to be involved. In fact, only one in 10 people affected by lateral epicondylitis are tennis players. However, those who do play tennis are certainly in a high-risk category. About 50% of people who play tennis experience elbow pain at some point, with three in four of those cases diagnosed as tennis elbow.

Tips for pain relief

In the majority of cases of tennis elbow, full recovery is possible – but that’s especially the case when the condition is still acute. For that reason, it’s essential not to neglect treatment when you first experience symptoms.


Rest is an absolutely critical component of any treatment strategy because the tendon is damaged and must heal. Everyone wants to get back to the tennis court or to whatever activities the pain and inflammation might be interrupting. However, rest is necessary if you want to overcome an entrenched problem.

“If your condition is just starting, rest may be all you need,” notes Healthwise. “But in most cases, more treatment is needed to protect and heal the tendon.”


As with rest, timing is everything with ice: you want to do it right away, in immediate response to a flareup. Ice for 15 minutes a few times daily, with a thin cloth separating your elbow and the ice, advises rheumatologist William C. Shiel, Jr., MD. “Keep using ice as long as it relieves pain,” he says. “Or use a warm, moist cloth or take hot baths if they feel good.” As always, be aware of your body’s response to treatment and adjust as needed.

Treatment with regenerative therapy

Simple, at-home strategies may not be enough to achieve full tennis elbow recovery. At Flexogenix, we combine the most advanced and effective elements of Regenerative Therapy and Regenerative Medicine (all FDA-approved) into one unique and extremely effective protocol. Learn more about Progeni-Flex.

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