Treating Tennis Elbow With Progeni-Flex

Treating Tennis Elbow With Progeni-Flex

Tennis elbow causes searing pain that's usually felt in the outer elbow through the forearm. If turning a doorknob, shaking hands, or holding a cup of coffee trigger pain and discomfort, it could be signs you have tennis elbow.

What is Tennis Elbow?

In simplest terms, tennis elbow is an overuse injury. This means that instead of being caused by a direct injury, like a fall or accident, it comes about gradually over time. While it can affect anyone, those who are constantly flexing the muscles in the forearms are much more likely to develop the condition.

This is precisely why tennis players are at such high risk. But don't let the name fool you; tennis elbow can affect everyone from recreational bowlers to weekend warrior athletes to professional landscapers. The key piece of the puzzle is consistent overuse of the forearm muscles.

Treating Tennis Elbow with Progeni-Flex

The traditional go-to treatments for tennis elbow include rest, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage and anti-inflammatory drugs, but what if there was a less cumbersome approach? A way that leads to real, lasting results so that patients can get back to enjoying the active lifestyle they love without missing a beat?

Enter Progeni-Flex, a novel, science-backed form of regenerative medicine that harnesses your body to promote long-term healing. It's an innovative new treatment option with endless possibilities. Let's rewind: adult cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are what come to the rescue when the body suffers tissue damage. They work by jumpstarting the body's natural healing process, which simultaneously repairs the damage and rebuilds healthy new tissue.

The problem is that as we age, the body has a harder time deploying itself and PRP. Treating tennis elbow with Progeni-Flex is a game changer in that it harnesses highly-concentrated regenerative therapy, instead of the highly processed donor cells used by less experienced medical teams. This allows for doctors to deliver the most potent cells directly to the injured area. What's more, Progeni-Flex can also be used as preventative medicine to help stave off conditions like osteoarthritis.

This is remarkably different from traditional tennis elbow treatments, especially for those who are tired of sacrificing their time for therapies that merely serve as a temporary Band-Aid. On the flip side, Progeni-Flex represents a way to get back to living your best life sooner rather than later.

Ready for Relief?

Ready to say so long to tennis elbow for good? Contact the Flexogenix Team for a free consultation today. The team is made up of highly skilled physicians who've perfected the art of non-invasive, injection-based procedures. Treating tennis elbow with Progeni-Flex is a forward-thinking, innovative treatment option that can finally put you on the path to lasting relief.

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