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"When I first went to flexogenix I was using a cane could not get up from a chair or couch without help. Now I've been walking without a cane and chairs or couches aren't a problem, now mind you..."

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- Samuel Jones

Flexogenix® Charlotte, NC


"I started at Flexogenix almost a year ago. I had already had one knee replacement 7 years ago which was giving me trouble again and could tell I was on my way to replacing my other knee. I decided to take advantage..."

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- Sharla Wells

Flexogenix® Oklahoma City


"Dr. Howard and his crew are truly great people. I had so much fluid on my knee that I could barely move. They drained 51cc of fluid and today can put weight on that knee and walking slowly. Thank you! "

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- Beth Nitt

Flexogenix® Cary/Raleigh

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