The Kineti-Flex® Program

If you’re only addressing the pain, and ignoring all the contributing factors that caused the pain, you’re missing the big picture. That’s why we developed our innovative Kineti-Flex® program and why we make it an essential part of every treatment protocol we provide.

Kineti-Flex® is best described as a Medically Supervised Rehabilitation and Physical Conditioning Prescription. It is designed by your physician specifically for you. In creating your individualized program your physician takes into account every factor and variable that may have caused your initial joint pain. He or she then implements and supervises an individualized conditioning program to correct the problem, and prevent your joint pain from returning again.

The Flexogenix® Recovery Lab

Kineti-Flex® is delivered in three sessions in a state of the art Flexogenix® Recovery Lab. Each session is an hour long and one-on-one with a certified Flexogenix® trainer. Kineti-Flex® is a unique and critical component of our comprehensive treatment approach. For many it is the difference between short-term pain relief, and sustained wellness to allow you to truly get back to an active life.

Session 1

Brace Fitting and Orthotics

  • Analysis of joint alignment
  • Identify structural issues
  • Educate how bracing can improve your specific functional outcome
  • Determine the most effective type of bracing for you
  • Gait and orthotic assessment
  • Assess structural integrity of Foot and Ankle
  • Identify Corrective Measures
Session 2

Functional Movement Screening and Analysis

  • 7 Point Movement Analysis
  • Measure and evaluate range of motion, muscular imbalance, mobility issues, core stability
  • Evaluate weight bearing patterns and joint pain analysis
  • Establish baseline to develop correction exercise and conditioning program
Session 3

Recondition & Build Muscle

  • Develop individualized home exercise routine
  • Train and instruct patient on each exercise

Advanced Conditioning

Individualized programs are available for those who prefer to continue their exercise and rehabilitation program with a certified Flexogenix® trainer on an ongoing basis. Regular one-on-one, hour-long sessions can be scheduled throughout the day at our Recovery Labs.