The 5-Step Protocol: How it Works

Flexogenix® takes viscosupplementation to a whole new level…

We provide more substantial pain relief, better mobility and better long term results, so you can get back to the activities you love to do.

The Knee-Flex 5-Step Protocol takes the very latest FDA approved non-surgical knee pain treatment, and enhances it to provide a level of results that few others can match.

It is designed to provide both rapid pain relief and a substantial increase in mobility so you can get back to being active, and enjoying life. And, unlike the temporary relief of steroid injections, Knee-Flex 5-Step can provide long-term relief, so you can start to exercise again, lose weight and break free from the vicious cycle of knee pain.

Through a simple injection, a natural lubricating gel called Hyaluronic Acid is introduced into the knee joint where it re-nourishes the cartilage and provides lubrication and cushioning to the joint. This process, known as visco-supplementation, can provide a substantial reduction in pain level as well as improved comfort and mobility in the knee. We then complement the procedure with a series of proprietary treatments that provide a level of life changing results that few other clinics can match.

1. Immediate Pain Relief

Our day 1 priority is for our patients to experience life without knee pain. Using our advanced imaging techniques, we map the sensory nerves around the knee. Next, utilizing innovative procedures to reduce nerve pain around the joints, the nerves are prevented from continuing to transmit pain signals. This replaces the use of steroids and protects patients from the long-term damage often associated with steroid injections. While the pain relief is significant, it is temporary and we must remind patients that it does not replace the reconditioning necessary in steps two through five of the Knee-flex 5 step protocol.

2. Lubricate & Protect the Knee Joint

Using the latest image-guidance technology, our medical team administers the injection of hyaluronic acid with pinpoint precision. The HA provides lubrication and tempers the friction within the joint to reduce cartilage wear and tear, diminish bone-on-bone pain, and increase mobility. The precision and accuracy of the image-guided injection ensures the gel-like fluid is injected directly into the joint capsule for optimal results.

3. Initiate Kineti-Flex®

With the knee pain controlled and mobility restored, the process begins to research the true health, strength and integrity of your joints, and design your individualized medically supervised reconditioning program. This is the step where we assess the many contributing factors that actually caused your knee/joint pain, and develop a detailed conditioning prescription to correct the problems, and prevent the pain from returning again.

4. Knee Alignment – Bracing

In concert with Kineti-Flex®, our medical team carefully examines the alignment of the joint, and whether it can benefit from either short-term or long-term bracing. As with every aspect of Flexogenix® treatments, we have extensively researched the latest innovations and advancements in bracing. When prescribed correctly, bracing can be extremely effective in unloading and redistributing pressure off the worn areas of the joint. Again, our goal is long-term joint pain relief. Effective bracing and alignment can be a key to this success.

5. Continuously Promote Healing

Our final step is an advanced injection protocol to stop any further degradation of the knee joint and cartilage by promoting the body’s natural healing response with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This step is essential and introduces growth factors that create a strong foundation to restore the integrity of the joint. Together with Kineti-Flex® and bracing, PRP completes a comprehensive treatment plan that has helped thousands avoid surgery. With a continued commitment to your Kineti-Flex® regimen, you can achieve a level of health and success that you never thought was possible.

The Flexogenix® Difference

The most important difference between Knee-Flex 5-Step and non-surgical knee pain treatments provided by other clinics is simple; our results! Our success rate is consistently above 90%!

But it’s how we achieve these results that really sets us apart.

The Power of the 5 Steps

Each step is carefully researched and implemented to provide a specific benefit to enhance each other. Together, these steps achieve a scientific synergy and consistently provide life-changing results.

The Kineti-Flex® Difference

By weaving Kineti-Flex® into every step of your treatment, and developing a unique one-on-one relationship with your physician and your certified trainer, we give each patient a better understanding of what caused your pain, how to fully recover and how to prevent it from recurring.

Physicians Dedicated 100% to Non-Surgical Solutions

Our board certified physicians have dedicated their careers 100% to providing non-surgical solutions for orthopedic problems. While others are just discovering the science of non-surgical orthopedics, we have been among the leaders advancing this science for years.

An Environment of Encouragement and Support

The moment you step into any Flexogenix® clinic you will feel a positive energy and a sense of family and support. We believe a positive and encouraging environment is essential to success.

Safe & Effective

In the end, it all comes down to safe and effective results. The Knee-Flex 5-Step Treatment Program has successfully helped thousands of people avoid knee replacement surgery and get back to an active lifestyle. There is a very good chance it will help you, too.



Our FDA approved treatments are covered by Medicare and most major insurances. This makes it possible for a wide range of patients to try our innovative, non-surgical Knee-Flex 5-Step Program and avoid knee replacement surgery.

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