The Science of Regenerative Medicine represents one of the most exciting and fastest growing areas of medicine today. But for the prospective patient, it’s essential to recognize that the quality of various procedures, and the practitioners who provide them vary tremendously.

That’s where Flexogenix® stands apart.

At Flexogenix®, we have combined all of the most advanced and effective orthobiologic procedures available today into one unique program. It’s called Progeni-Flex™. With Progeni-Flex™, our team of board certified physicians harnesses the most potent forms of regenerative cells available today and delivers them through the most proven techniques. Our treatments are 100% research based. Our results speak for themselves.

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How It Works

Regenerative cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP) exist naturally inside the various tissues in our bodies. When tissue damage occurs, these regenerative cells and PRP have the ability to localize to the damaged area in the body and initiate a natural healing process that can both repair injured tissue and regenerate new healthy tissue.

As we age and incur more serious injuries, however, our bodies often cannot harness enough regenerative capacity naturally to fully heal or correct the problem. That’s where Progeni-Flex™ comes in.

Progeni-Flex™ allows us to determine which type of regenerative technique is best for you and to prepare highly potent advanced orthobiologics. We then inject these materials into the damaged tissue where they can promote an accelerated natural healing process.

What makes Progeni-Flex™ so successful is our ability to harness the most potent and highly concentrated regenerative cells and then deliver them with pinpoint accuracy to the injured area for maximum effectiveness. Many other therapies use highly processed donor stem cells or a less precise method of delivery. This is one of the key differentiators that sets Progeni-Flex™ apart and improves outcomes for our patients.

Regenerative Cell Therapy

Regenerative Cell Therapy provides an influx of healthy self-derived regenerative cells into the injured joints or muscles to regenerate healthy cartilage and tissue.

The power of regenerative cells is found in their ability to differentiate into specific cartilage, tendon or ligament tissue. That is their natural purpose. Progeni-Flex™ uses two autologous (self-derived) techniques to withdraw regenerative cells from your body. The most common technique retrieves the regenerative cells from your fat and is referred to as adipose derived. This process can be appealing for patients desiring a robust regenerative outcome that is also minimally invasive. The second most common technique is derived from bone marrow. This method is referred to as Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) and is often recommended for patients that need to regenerate cartilage, or repair torn muscle and joint tissue.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy utilizes the healing agents in your own blood to promote healthy cells and accelerate healing.

PRP is made up of elements in your own blood that contain an intense concentration of growth factors. By adding these potent growth factors we stimulate the body’s natural response to recruit repair cells in the joint or muscle that immediately begin healing. Our proprietary withdrawal and injection technique ensures that the healthy PRP concentrate is injected directly into the injured area. PRP is most effective for tendonitis sufferers and patients experiencing mild arthritis symptoms. PRP is also used as an accelerant in the Progeni-Flex™ and Knee-Flex 5-Step protocols, extending the effectiveness of our treatments. Our physicians will guide you on which non-surgical treatment will provide you with the best outcome based on your symptoms and conditions.


Progeni-Flex™ can have very positive benefits for almost anyone suffering with chronic joint pain, but there are four specific groups who can benefit the most.


Weekend Warrior & Active Athlete

Whether you are 35 or 65, the pounding of athletic activity can lead to injury or chronic and debilitating pain. Whether it is the pain and inflammation of a joint that is worn down, or a torn ligament, meniscus or rotator cuff – Progeni-Flex™ can provide tremendous results. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. So before you resort to the risks of surgery and months of recovery, schedule a consultation with your Flexogenix® Clinic and learn if Progeni-Flex™ is right for you.


Osteoarthritis & Chronic Joint Pain

As we age, the general wear and tear of daily life often results in chronic joint pain or osteoarthritis. Traditionally, patients are told they only have two choices: live on pain medication to mask the pain or undergo risky joint replacement surgery. But Progeni-Flex™ offers a better alternative. Progeni-Flex™ can help restore the joint, re-nourish and rebuild new cartilage, increase viscosity and mobility, reduce swelling and reduce or completely eliminate the pain – all without surgery. The results for many patients, including many who were told their only option was joint replacement surgery, have been life changing.


Progeni-Flex™ as Preventative Medicine

There is a misconception that osteoarthritis doesn’t appear until you get into your 60s and beyond. The truth is, early signs of osteoarthritis often start to appear in knees and active joints as early as your 30s, and then get progressively worse over time. But here’s the good news: if you’re treated with Progeni-Flex™ early on, as the first signs of osteoarthritis are emerging, you can dramatically slow its progression or even prevent osteoarthritis from ever occurring at all. And if you’re an intensely active athlete, Progeni-Flex™ can be used to strengthen and improve the health of your joints. This can help to prevent the breakdown that often comes from intense stress and pounding, especially on your knees. So, if you’re an active young adult we encourage you to schedule a consultation at Flexogenix® where our advanced imaging technology can detect if there are early signs of osteoarthritis already in your joints. If early signs are detected, our Progeni-Flex™ Treatment can act as preventive medicine, preventing the breakdown that will come for so many in their older years.

Elite Athlete

If you’re an elite athlete, you’re likely investing in supplements, equipment and diet to help you reach your goals. So, why not invest in the health of your joints? While your body may look great on the outside, there’s no way to know how strong your joints are on the inside. With every squat, jump, sprint, lunge, pull-up, push-up, bench press or shoulder press, your joints are absorbing a major impact. Eventually, without warning, they can break down. With Progeni-Flex™, you can continuously re-nourish and restore the cartilage and tissue inside your joint, maintaining its strength, mobility and overall health. This can be the difference that keeps you one step ahead of the competition, or avoid a breakdown that can set you back for months. If you’re serious about your fitness, be serious about maintaining healthy joints. Progeni-Flex™ can help you perform at your best.

The Progeni-Flex™ Difference

While many clinics are just entering the field of regenerative medicine, Flexogenix® is a leader in the field and a pioneer of many of the most effective regenerative techniques available today.

Leaders in Regenerative Medicine

Our physicians are 100% focused on non-invasive, injection-based procedures. It's all we do. It's why other physicians often visit Flexogenix® to learn the science of regenerative medicine.

Better Orthobiologics

Many clinics use donor tissue or blood products that can often contain little or no stem cells. We focus on self-derived protocols to ensure the highest level of regenerative cell concentration and the best possible results for our patients.

True Image Guidance Expertise

For maximum results, the precision and accuracy of each orthobiologic injection is ensured with expert image guidance. At many clinics this is learned in a short course. Flexogenix® providers receive continual expert training in Image Interpretation and Image-Guided treatments.

The Kineti-Flex® Recovery Lab

At Flexogenix® we don’t just restore and re-nourish the injured joint. Each Progeni-Flex™ treatment includes one-on-one Kineti-Flex® conditioning sessions with our professional trainers. These sessions in our innovative Recovery Labs work to correct the issues of strength and alignment that contributed to the joint problem and prevent them from returning again.

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