How Hyaluronic Acid Can Help You Avoid a Knee Replacement

How Hyaluronic Acid Can Help You Avoid a Knee Replacement

Hyaluronic acid, also called hyaluronan, is a gooey substance your body makes to heal, cushion and lubricate its own parts. The highest concentrations are naturally found in the eyes, joints and skin.

Over the last few decades, scientists have discovered the many benefits of hyaluronic acid in healing and cell repair, so much so that some consider it a “wonder drug.” It is now used for numerous health and medical purposes, including:

  • Eyes. It’s routinely injected into the eye during cataract surgery, and hyaluronic acid drops also appear to be helpful in treating dry eye symptoms.
  • Ears, nose and mouth. Sore inside the mouth and gum disease can be helped by using a gel or oral rinse of hyaluronic acid. It’s sometimes also used after oral surgery to promote faster healing. A nose wash of the substance has also shown promise in helping combat chronic ear and sinus infections.
  • Skin. Not only does hyaluronic acid help the skin heal itself from wounds, using it appears to reduce the chance for infection. Research indicates that dietary supplements also help moisturize and smooth skin, or it can be applied as a topical cream.
  • Stomach. Studies have shown that people with acid reflux disease, a condition in which stomach acid backs up into the esophagus, have been helped by taking hyaluronic acid supplements in combination with other medications.
  • Bones. It’s also been revealed through research that hyaluronic acid supplements help slow bone loss associated with osteoporosis, making bones stronger and potentially encouraging new bone and cartilage growth.
  • Joints. The FDA has approved the use of hyaluronic acid injections for osteoarthritis (OA). This has been scientifically shown to provide pain relief for many patients without the risks associated with other treatments and medications.


A Safe, Sensible Approach

It only makes sense—using a substance the body produces to heal itself is a natural approach to relieving the joint pain and degradation associated with OA. The joint specialists at Flexogenix™ have developed a technique called VisCare-Flex® that uses this scientifically proven method of lubrication and pain relief.

VisCare-Flex® can be safely used to treat knees, hips, shoulders, ankles and wrists, making risky and invasive joint replacement surgery unnecessary in many cases. Using sophisticated imaging technology, the hyaluronic acid is injected at precisely the best location to ensure improvement to the joint and surrounding cartilage. Afterwards, mobility and pain relief increase over time.

Because hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally formed within the human body, people almost always tolerate it well and there are very few potential side effects. When combined with physical strengthening treatments, VisCare-Flex® provides a safe, effective method for improving joint function without surgery.

If you’re looking for a safe, natural treatment for the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis, contact Flexogenix™ today to see if VisCare-Flex® is right for you.

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