Treating Shoulder Pain Without Surgery

Treating Shoulder Pain Without Surgery

If you suffer from shoulder pain, you are no longer left with only two choices: surgery or shouldering the pain in silence. “We know we can treat any joint – the thumb, hip, wrist, shoulder – the same way we treat degenerative osteoarthritis of the knee,” says Sean Whalen, MD of Flexogenix.

Flexogenix treats other joints as well, including shoulder joint pain, with its VisCare-Flex™ protocol. “It likely was at least in part due to the questions our patients asked that we began to expand our services and treatments to other joints outside of the knee. VisCare-Flex™ is the unsung hero of the Flexogenix practice,” he says.


Diagnosing Shoulder Pain

Diagnosis begins with a thorough history. Is the patient an avid golfer or waiter who repeatedly lifts heavy trays? Does the patient engage in any other profession or pastime that requires repeated use/overuse of the shoulder?

“The gold standard is MRI imaging,” says Dr. Whalen – which might be cost prohibitive for some. This “quick and dirty” x-ray, as Dr. Whalen calls it, can also reveal many clues, but diagnostic ultrasound is a fraction of the cost of an MRI and doesn’t involve radiation.

The on-site AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine)-accredited and trained professionals at Flexogenix use diagnostic ultrasound to provide another piece of the shoulder-pain puzzle.

Once an accurate diagnosis has been confirmed, the correct non-surgical shoulder pain treatment can begin.


There is No “One-size-fits-all” Treatment for Shoulder Pain

“Shoulders are extremely complex; there’s a lot going on,” says Dr. Whalen, and one treatment size does not fit all.

For those diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis, VisCare-Flex™ is recommended. If the diagnosis is soft-tissue damage, which does not resolve on its own, then the patient may be better suited for regenerative treatments.

“If I think there’s a low likelihood of success, I tell patients that I don’t want their money – I want good outcomes,” says Dr. Whalen, pointing to his 60-something-year-old golfers who have gotten their pain-free swings back without surgery.

So why not lean on Flexogenix®’s shoulder? Contact us today for a free consultation to learn if VisCare-Flex™ is the right choice for you.

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