Flexogenix Patient Interview - Gary

Flexogenix Patient Interview - Gary

At Flexogenix, we pride ourselves on providing innovative, non-surgical solutions for our patients to relieve pain and increase quality of life. Here is Gary's experience in his own words: 

What brought you to Flexogenix?

Gary: “I was looking for an option to surgery and I had seen the Flexogenix commercials and I decided to give it a try” “I had severe left knee pain while walking or standing”

How was the injection process?

Gary: “The injection was fine, I don’t get scared with needles like most people but that being said the process was simple and basically painless”

How do you feel after the after the treatment?

Gary: “I feel good, I feel good, it’s a lot better than it was before. I would say that I’ve had a good 70% reduction of my knee pain”

Are you now able to perform tasks that you couldn’t before?

Gary: “I can stand for longer, and walk for longer periods. Before the treatment while grocery shopping I would have to lean on cart and the pain would radiate even after just 10 minutes but now this is not even an issue for me. I can actually stand up and put a lot more pressure on my knee”

Would You Recommend Flexogenix?

Gary: “I most definitely would and I most definitely will”

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