Getting Active in the New Year

Getting Active in the New Year

Do you feel unmotivated after the holidays? When it comes to working out in the winter months, it can be challenging to get started. Whether the cold temperatures bother your joints, or you simply miss walking outdoors, you can still find a good exercise program and stay active in the new year. The good news is that you have plenty of healthy exercise options to choose from! The following tips and activities will help you develop a consistent fitness routine that will keep you moving well beyond the new year.

Develop a Routine

A study conducted by National Institutes of Health (NIH) show that people who create and stick with healthy habits live longer. Developing a routine out of your healthy habits can help you feel more productive and keep you active, too. If cold temperatures and winter weather is something you dread, a planned fitness routine can help you beat a case of the winter blahs. You don’t have to join a gym membership to have a fitness routine. Start with small, manageable goals such as moving your body for 10 or 15 minutes each day. Before long, you will feel stronger and have more stamina to try new activities for longer periods of time.

Walk with the Arthritis Foundation

Did you know that some states host Arthritis Foundation local chapter walks? The Arthritis Foundation is the perfect place to go for indoor classes during the colder months. In fact, they offer a “Walk With Ease” program that features group classes and an at-home guidebook to help you get started on a walking plan. Simply visit the Arthritis Foundation and click on “Your Local Area” to find programs in your community. If you prefer to develop your own walking plan, the Arthritis Foundation offers a helpful guide to get you started. Follow the “FIT” formula when devising a walking program. The formula helps you define walk Frequency (how often you walk), Intensity (how fast you walk) and Time (how long you plan to walk).

Try Water Sports to Support Joints

If walking isn’t on your list of favorite activities, consider water sports such as swimming, water aerobics, or other activities in a swimming pool. Swimming is a total body workout that is gentle on your joints while allowing you to enjoy moving your body. Some gyms and community centers offer fun water aerobics classes, including aqua cycling classes that mimics pedaling as you would on a spin bike. The buoyancy of the water is easy on your joints, while the resistance created when you “pedal” provides a safe and low-impact workout.

Choose Low-Impact Exercise

If you experience joint pain or stiffness, it’s best to choose low-impact forms of exercise. In fact, your winter exercise plan doesn’t have to include high-impact activities like running or skiing to be effective. Choose winter activities that are kinder to the joints but still give you plenty of health benefits. Yoga, mall walking, and Tai Chi are great ways to get moving without causing more wear and tear on your joints. Cycling, swimming, and walking on a treadmill are other effective options that you can enjoy.

Find a Fitness Buddy

People who exercise with a fitness buddy tend to be more motivated to exercise. As a result, they hold themselves accountable and get their workouts done. Think outside of the box when it comes to activities to do with a fitness buddy. Whether you decide to spend time at the gym or try a new yoga class, a friend can encourage you when you feel tired or tempted to skip your workout. Don’t worry if your friends don’t enjoy working out. There are several local groups such as walking clubs or cycling groups which plan exercise outings together. You can also check your local YMCA for group activities and group fitness programs.

Contact Flexogenix

Are you dealing with sore joints or severe joint pain? There is no need to miss out on exercise and the activities you enjoy. Contact the experts at Flexogenix™ for a free consultation. They can help you manage your joint pain and discuss non-invasive treatment options so you can lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Take charge of your life and make your joint health a priority in the new year.

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